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Preview your page

Once you’ve reviewed the design in Quest and If everything is looking great, you can either Preview the page or Publish the page to see how it looks. Pressing the Preview button is great when you want to go back and forth between working on the page and seeing it live quickly as it is an immediate switch. You will need to be in Preview mode or Published page to see things like animations trigger on Page Load or actually test interactions or see things like videos play or parallax elements move. Edit mode (the first mode you’re in) is designed to help quick setup the page how you’d like it.
To get to the Preview mode, simply click on the Play icon in the top bar.
You will be able to quickly see how the page looks and feels in all the different device views.
You can try different screen sizes by clicking through the presets at the top or by dragging the handles on the sides of the page. This helps you quickly preview any interactions, animations, responsive constraints and break-points you may have set.
Once you’re satisfied with your page, you can publish it to the sandbox or to your custom domain.