Working with Design Overrides

Step 1 of using Quest begins with your design. However, you can always go back and make as many updates as you’d like to the original design and re-sync back to Quest the same way you imported your design the first time. Quest knows which layer is what and keeps track of it so moving it around, scaling it, changing its color, even swapping an image and re-syncing is made to feel natural to your creative workflow.

If you make design changes inside of Quest such as repositioning content, that change overrides your design document. If you reimport a design, that design doc’s element change may not look different in Quest because of an override.

When you make a change to an element in Quest that gives it an override and you will see the exclamation mark on that element layer in the element panel. This means this element will adhere to your changes made in Quest and not updated if you reimport.

It is easy to clear overrides on layers by right-clicking on them and reverting back to the latest design doc change. One note, the revert won’t go back to the original design but ONLY the last import so if you changed a bunch of stuff and need to quickly override the changes in Quest, you can do so and it will go to the latest design.

Overrides give you the flexibility to be able to work however you’d like in Figma or make design tweaks in Quest, and you have the ability to always get back to the design you’re looking for. Feel free to explore different workflows and see what works for you best.

If you’ve made a ton of changes in Quest and you want to clear all overrides, you can do so in the Q drop-down menu. This is the best option if you have a lot of things looking like they’re in the wrong place and you want to revert all properties to the latest design doc you’ve imported. Like anything else in Quest, you can always undo this is you didn’t intend to do this.

One last thing to note, is that overrides are only related to things like properties of the element (such as constraints, position, scale, opacity and rotation). If you clear an override, it will not clear the features you have associated with it as its only related to the design itself.

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