Publishing your page

When you’re ready to share your web page with the world or simply with your team or client, you can publish the page from the Publish Settings panel.

There are two options to publish: 1) Quest sandbox, or 2) Custom domain

  1. Publishing to the sandbox is an easy way to see your page come to life. You can share the url with your team, client or anyone.

  2. Publish to your custom domain to launch your site live. (See the section about setting up your custom domain).

After you setup your custom domain, you can select it from the dropdown menu in the “Site” field of the Publish panel.

Enter the page path you prefer for the page. Before you publish, you can decide whether to a) publish to staging only, or b) go live.

  1. Staging gives you the opportunity to check and confirm the page before you go live. It is a best practice to make sure you don't accidentally publish a broken experience. So if you are making changes to a live page, you make changes worry-free by publishing to Staging only and reviewing them.

  2. Go Live: After you’ve reviewed your changes in Staging, you can make it live by toggling the staging/live option. In the go live option, you will see the live url that will be updated with the publish action.

If you’d prefer to download the code and use it elsewhere, you can simply press the download code button to get your HTML, CSS and JS for the page.

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