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Used Features Panels

The Alerts and Used Features Panels are designed to help you keep track of how your pages are set up. Alerts will show you any potential issues like forgetting to fill in a field, missing fonts, etc. Used Features is designed to show you any and all features you’ve added to your page at a glance so that you can easily keep track of them all without poking around at all layers on the page.


Alerts are located in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Depending on if you have alerts or not, you will see a number under the alert icon to show you how many issues there may be. When you first import your design, It’s common you may not see any but as you set up the page, you may start to see some as reminders that certain things may be missing or need your attention.
Aside from telling you what the issue may be, you can click on the row to jump directly to that layer in your page that needs to be addressed. You can still preview and publish your page with alerts in the panel, but they exist just to guide you towards making things work as you might have some unexpected behavior if you forgot to full set somethings up or if you have conflicting actions.

Used Features

Used Features is extremely helpful for when you’re working on your page in several sessions or if you’re working on the page with a team. This is a quick view of features that have been added and an overview of what values it has. You might want to be sure you have all your footer links setup or that you didn’t forget to add that video to all frames / device views. This is purely optional but really helpful to help you and your team keep organized.