Using the Link feature will allow you to link the user off the current page and to any other external or internal page. This feature can be added not just to text links but also buttons, cards or images.

If using an internal link, you'll simply want to add a "/" before the actual page name you'd like to navigate to.

If using an external link, you can use any URL you'd like. By default, Quest will add "http://" to any URL that does not have it with the except of "https://" which must be typed as such.

Additionaly, you can chose to set the link to open in the same tab or open a new tab when clicked / tapped. This behavior is more meant for a deployed or app running in localhost and will not be accurately reflected in Preview Mode.

Because we wrap everything with an <a> tag, styling may be adjusted if not specifcally set. Basically, if the thing you'd like to have as a link is a large section with just a background image, the alignement and positioning may shift. We suggest applying to text, images, or smaller components. Your mileage may vary.

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