AI Prompt

Using Quest AI's AI Prompt field to generate code for your React components.

The AI prompt inside of the Quest Editor Mode can be found in the bottom right corner of the window. You can use this add functionality with bindings super quickly without having to do them manually. Simply ask the AI Prompt to set things up and the code will be written for you. After it processes you'll likely see new bindings added to relevant layers and also you will see the code generated for you in the Code Mode. You prompts will be kept track in the prompt history above the prompt text field.

Some good examples for the prompt include:

store the email on state and validate if it's valid onBlur event

store the password on state and validate if it has 8 digits onBlur event

integrate with POST endpoint on enter button click sending email and password on the body

You are not limited to asking in the prompt to just one single element either. You can ask to validate an entire form with a complex prompt as well but be aware that this may increase the processing time.

Currently the AI Prompt is powered by GPT3.5. We plan to have the option to use GPT4 as well.

Because it is a LLM model, results can vary and we encourage you to view the Code for yourself. It can be a powerful, fast and easy way to add a lot of business logic to your components very quickly. For very large components, such as full webpages, it may fail if the amount of code the component contains exceeds the limit by the model.

We will continue to explore and update the prompt with the latest LLM models as they become available and we may offer options in the future to choose which company's model & version you prefer.

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