What are some best practices?

Designers and Frontend engineers can save a lot of time by reviewing and adhering to our recommendations in the below chapters of the Quest docs:

  1. Auto-layout frames. This is an absolute must read: Design Tips and Tricks.

  2. Naming conventions. Standardizing how you name your frames, components will help keep your designs readible. When the code is auto-generated, it'll be immensely helpful to have proper Frame names for better code readability. Please follow the recommendations in section Naming Conventions.

  3. Finally, leverage MUI and design kits. This will not only make your designs go faster, it'll also help generate quality code because we have optimized Quest for MUI and Figma design kits. Review chapter Customizing & Using the Design Kit from Quest docs

The above are not exhaustive but we hope they will set you up for a great start. Please review the entire Quest docs and we hope you'll find useful information to standardize your development.

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