Helpful Resources

In addition to docs and videos, Quest provides live support via Discord, email, and Zoom sessions for onboarding/troubleshooting help


Discord server

✉️ Email help:

Email to answer any account-specific questions, schedule a demo or onboard your team.

📼 Video help:

Youtube channel

Design kits:

Quest Subscription now gives you access to a fully function, robust and fully free Design Kit that you can customize and accelerate your app development. You can grab the latest Quest UI Kit from the Figma community.

We are working to support all the MUI & Chakra UI components but please check these pages for our current list of supported components under MUI and Chakra. Supported Quest UI Kit Components & How-to Make Edits in Figma Supported Chakra Components & How-to Make Edits

The easiet way to start is to use the free Quest UI Kit

We recommend using the full MUI Figma UI Kit for full functionality.

You can find official MUI Design Kit (Community Version) and duplicate it from here:

Quest also supports the official full MUI Design Kit with the full list of MUI components. You can buy it separately here:

Additionally, Quest supports the official Chakra UI Kit. This is a full and free kit. You can duplicate it from here:

Component templates/samples:

You can get 150+ sample components that are already setup with Auto layout from the Quest Components Figma file here:

How to Use our AI models for Prototype/Wireframe Screenshots

You can start creating ReactJS components without needing Figma by uploading screenshots


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