Quest currently supports both Youtube and Vimeo URLs to play in place of a placeholder image. You can replace any container with a video but you cannot replace text or images so be aware of that when setting up placeholders for video in your design. The best example of this would be to use a background image on a frame as the placeholder.

There are 2 types of video options here. You can either use a frame as a placeholder with no children or you can use a frame with children inside of it to see them appear above the video and to treat it as a video background.

When copying and pasting the URL from both Vimeo and Youtube, be sure to copy and paste it from the top of the browser for the video you want to use. Do not use the share links as they may not work.

Feature options

There are 5 checkbox options to choose from.


This option will play the video as soon as your page loads no matter where it is on the page. This is mostly helpful for background videos as it can be annoying to users to have videos autoplay with sound somewhere down the page they haven’t see yet.

Autoplay will not generally work unless you also have your video set to Muted as majority of browsers will block Autoplay with sound as not to disrupt users.


This option will simply restart the video from the beginning once it reaches the end. Otherwise it will stop at the final frame.


This option is to show or hide the controls for the video. Do you want people to be able to pause or scrub through the video or do you want it to play in the background and not have controls show up when they hover over it?

Vimeo controls depend on the type of account the video originates with. If the video originates with a paid account, then controls will be hidden if you choose to. If it comes from a free account, controls cannot be hidden by this checkbox.

Hiding controls in Youtube will remove the finetune controls but will not full remove the large play/pause button and you may also see some Youtube branding as well.


This option allows you to turn off all sound in your video.

Plays Inline

This option lets you play inline or let browser do a lightbox treatment (browser behavior might vary by browser and device type - mobile or desktop)

Viewing your video

You will notice that the placeholder you have in your design does not immediately change to the video. You can only view the video if you are in Preview mode or when running your App in localhost.

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