Quick Start - Build your first component from a Wireframe

Step by step instructions on building your first component in Quest coming from a sketch or prototype wireframe.

Follow these steps to get started with Quest and build your first component. In this example, we will create a component from a screenshot that started in FigJam. Once you get the hang of it, you can try your own screenshots.

Learn more in detail about Prototypes/Wireframes at this doc here.

Some good prototyping tools that work well for this experience are FigJam, Miro and Excalidraw. You can also use hand drawn sketches or try screenshots from any similar tools.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Create your Quest account from the sign-up page. If you are joining a team account, please request your admin to send you an invitation to Quest.

  2. This completes the presentation part of the UI. The next steps are about setting up props & bindings so you can connect to any back-end of CMS systems. The next steps are typically done by a developer, but for this exercise they are easy enough for anyone to attempt.

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