Product Updates

Aug 4, 2022

Support for Typescript, MUI design system 5.9 & more App Export controls

Quest now allows you to export as either Javascript or Typescript. Choose at the App or Component level. When exporting as Typescript, we provide an additional "types.ts" file with all props to be configured by the user.
Additionally, Quest now has additional options for what files you want to include while downloading your App with individual checkboxes for what you may need.
Also, we support the latest paid version of the MUI Figma file (5.9). It is seamless support so no additional work is required aside from syncing your desired design system, whatever version you prefer.

Jul 19, 2022

Added Workspaces with multiple Apps & Light/Dark mode support in the Editor

Quest now supports multiple Workspaces and multiple Apps per account. This makes it easy to build for multiple clients / internal projects and include only the necessary team members and stake holders. You can also set permissions to segment workspaces by users. Admins can assign and reassign users to only the Workspaces they need to see.
In addition, we've now included a Light/Dark mode toggle in the editor as well as a way to set your App settings to default to either Light or Dark mode. By using the light and dark stlyes from the MUI design system, you'll be able style any component in light mode that will get a corresponding dark mode counter style. This helps teams quickly visualize how things will look in both modes directly in the Quest editor before even having to run your React App.


Jun 14, 2022

Support for the new Auto layout & better plugin experience

Update to support the new Auto layout features announced at Config 2022:
  • Support for negative spacing between items. You can now overlap things in Auto layout.
  • Support for Canvas stacking order. Choose which direction you want to have overlapping elements overlap each other.
  • Support for absolute position in Auto layout. You can now choose to have items be placed anywhere in their frame, even on the edge or outside of their frame.
In addition to absolute position with Auto layout.... We now also allow NON-AUTOLAYOUT frames and groups to be exported into Quest. You are no longer required to put everything into Auto layout but we still recommend it to gain responsive behaviors. Non-auto layout frames and groups will automatically be converted into absolute position with a fixed height and width.
We've also fixed various plugin bugs and improved UX of the plugin overall to include more contextual hints and tips to help improve exporting in various cases.

May 24, 2022

Plugin improvements

Updated the plugin to better handle importing with contextual messages and suggestions as well as added onboarding to make the process easy to understand for new users.

May 11, 2022

Plugin error handling

Better error handling: When seeing an error in the plugin, you're now able to click it to navigate to the exact layer in Figma that the error is associated with.

Apr 28, 2022

Various bug fixes

Fixed various bugs reported from customers.

Apr 25, 2022

Quest Components is live

Our first release of Quest Components. This new Quest version allows users to export Figma components as React components. Also, using either the free or paid version of the MUI Kit for Figma, users are able to use MUI components in their custom design and modify their own design system.